The Hidden Kingdom of God: The Vision of Wisdom, 24 - 26 August, 2021
In our eighth year of annual summer Christian retreats, (since 2012), the contemplative spirituality network is moving to a Zoom platform to offer a three day virtual retreat. Within a framework of study and prayer, Margaret Barker will lead Zoom sessions each morning and afternoon. Music and short films relating to the themes of the retreat will also be played.

On Tuesday, the theme will be The Hidden Tradition of the Kingdom: The Vision beyond Words, (Mark 4.11) with Ikon Zoodochos Pege.
On Wednesday, the theme will be The Holy Wisdom: The Great Lady of the Temple (Proverbs 3:18) with Ikon Novgorod Wisdom.
On Thursday, the theme will be Celebrating Creation. The Covenant of Peace (Psalm 104.24) with Ikon The Burning Bush.
Daily Retreat Schedule
7.00am / Silent Prayer
10.00am-12.00pm / Morning Session
4.30pm / Q&A followed by Lectio Divina
6.30pm-7.00pm / Meditation
8.30pm / Sacred Reading and Compline
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Booking Form
The cost for the three day Zoom event is £90 (£75 early bird rate for bookings before 24th July). Discounts are available for students.

To book, please send an email to Julienne McLean via our Contact Page with your name, address, phone number. To confirm your place, we will ask for an online transfer to the Contemplative Spirituality Network account.

It will be possible for a few people to attend this retreat at Old Boars Hill, Oxford in person. If you are interested in this, have a word with Julienne. You would, however, need to arrange local accommodation if you are not travelling on a daily basis. Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

For all enquiries, further information and booking the retreat, please contact Julienne on 020 8451 5255, 07527 993696, or Judy on 07816 155483 or email Julienne directly via our Contact Page.
The Retreat Leaders
Margaret Barker is a biblical scholar, who has spent many years researching the mystical traditions of the Jerusalem temple. They have almost disappeared from the Bible and yet are the root of later Christian mysticism. The Holy Wisdom was the Mother figure in this ancient faith. She gave her children spiritual vision, and her oil anointed the Messiah. Memories of this Lady shaped the later veneration of Mary. Margaret is a past president of the Society for Old Testament Study and a Methodist local preacher. She has published nineteen books, including An Extraordinary Gathering of Angels (2004), The Gate of Heaven (2008), The Hidden Tradition of the Kingdom of God (2007) and Temple Mysticism (2011). www.margaretbarker.com

Julienne McLean is a psychologist, Jungian analyst and spiritual director in North London. She has had a lifelong involvement in the Christian mystical tradition, mainly teaching and writing on Jungian psychology and Carmelite spirituality. She is involved with the Centre for Applied Carmelite Spirituality (www.oxcacs.org). She is the author of Towards Mystical Union (2003, 2013, 2017), a commentary on St Teresa of Avila’s book, The Interior Castle.

Rev. Michael Gartland is an Anglican priest and UKCP psychotherapist. He leads an NHS chaplaincy service in West Yorkshire and has a research and teaching background in fourteenth century English mystical writings and Buddhist psychology.

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