Dr Elisabetta Canetta

Dr Elisabetta Canetta is the Programme Director in Applied Physics at St Mary’s University, Twickenham. She is a physicist with a strong interest in bridging physics, mathematics and theology. She is currently working on the symbolism found in the architecture of Gothic cathedrals conceived as an expression of the refined geometrical language used by the stonemasons. Of particular interest is how this mathematical language was employed to write “books” (the cathedrals) that only God could read.

Another topic Elisabetta is working on concerns the different meanings of the word “nature”. The main research questions are how the meaning of “nature” has changed over time, and how such changes have and still are influencing the way human beings perceive nature and relate to it from a scientific and a mystical/spiritual viewpoint.

A third project that Elisabetta has recently begun to work on concerns the use of arguments about the nature of time from modern physics to unravel God’s relationship to time.

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