Dr. Dominic White OP was born in Surrey in 1973. He is a Dominican friar and priest at Blackfriars, Cambridge. As a Research Associate and Visiting Lecturer at the Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology in Cambridge, he has a special interest in theology of the arts, which he sees as a mid-point between Church and society, and between heaven and earth. Fr Dominic is the author of The Lost Knowledge of Christ: Contemporary Spiritualities, Christian Cosmology and the Arts (Liturgical Press, 2015), and How Do I Look: Theology in the Age of the Selfie (SCM, 2020). He is also an organist, pianist and composer.

During his time in university chaplaincy, Fr. Dominic became very aware of the fragmentation of human knowledge. He also noticed how many scientists, scholars, artists, therapists and even spiritual guides felt unable or unwilling to say or do what was really in their hearts. Inspired by the intellectual hospitality of the French Catholic intellectuals Jacques (1882-1973) and Raïssa Maritain (1883-1960), in 2016 Fr. Dominic hosted a small private seminar of artists, scientists, theologians and spiritual guides, where they could share in confidence their projects and ideas. We experienced together a remarkable communion and expressed a strong desire to continue the work.
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Julienne McLean practices as a psychologist, psychotherapist, Jungian analyst and supervisor in north London, as well as being a spiritual director. She has been in private practice for more than 25 years and was on the clinical team at the St Marylebone Healing and Counselling Centre in central London for fifteen years. She has had a lifelong involvement in the Christian contemplative tradition, with a particular interest in the relationship between modern depth psychology and contemplative prayer.

She has taught at St Mary’s University College, Strawberry Hill, London and Sarum College, Salisbury, where she is a Visiting Scholar in Christian Spirituality. For many years, she has been teaching, running workshops, study groups and retreats in England, Scotland and Spain, on depth psychology and Carmelite Spirituality, particularly in relation to the lives and writings of the Carmelite saints, St Teresa of Avila and St John of the Cross. Until recently, she facilitated a contemplative spirituality programme ( in north London.
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She is the author of ‘Towards Mystical Union’ (St Pauls, 2003, 2013, 2017) a modern commentary on St Teresa’s classic text on prayer ‘The Interior Castle’. She has published many papers over the years, including ‘The Flowering of Contemplation: the Journey to the Centre of the Soul’ (Mount Carmel, 59/1, 2011), ‘Jung and the Christian Way’ (Vinayasadhana, 11/1, 2011) and ‘The Third Spiritual Alphabet, Guide of St Teresa: A Learning Hidden Deep in the Heart (Mount Carmel, 62/4, 2014). The collection of her papers and talks will be published next year in a new book called ‘The Diamond Heart – Jungian Psychology and Christian Mysticism’. (Chiron Publications, USA)

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