In our different disciplines and practices, many of the Friends of Sophia are engaged in research across different fields. We share some here -
Christian Spirituality
Christian Theology

The Friends of Sophia have a Christian centre, from which we engage in conversation with other spiritualities and faith traditions. Our approach is strongly holistic, involving the body and the performing arts as well as the intellect.

We have found this cultivates harmonious friendships across a wide variety of traditions and viewpoints. While avoiding all easy syncretisms, we are finding places, and spaces, for listening and exploring harmony and wisdom together, and are being surprised by many hidden and subtle connections.

We seek to develop the Friends of Sophia as a community of hospitality: many researchers and artists have great projects which do not always find an easy welcome in the academy, galleries and elsewhere. Comments and suggestions are welcome, and please send us what you’re working on!
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The 'prongs' on the mandala represent different disciplines and practices.

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